brenham farmhouse
Slow Living
brenham farmhouse

O U R     H O M E S      A R E     C R E A T E D     T O     M A K E     M E M O R I E S

Each of our homes are designed to inspire a thriving lifestyle. One with more meaningful conversations on the back porch watching the sun set. Where you own a little piece of land to do as you please. One that allows you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, raising chickens or honey bees and even having a garden. Where you slow down on Sunday’s and enjoy a farm to table meal that you have cultivated yourself

with your family.


I think we could all agree that this would be a lifestyle of not just living, but thriving.


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I   A M   A  REALTOR®  &  D E S I G N E R

I design new construction homes that are life giving. Each home is intentionally designed around connection, hospitality, refuge and beauty. I believe that your home should be your retreat and I enjoy finding homes for clients that align with these same values. 

I also strive for a slower living lifestyle. Which means cultivating a joyful existence by appreciating the little things and moments in life. Much of my work is based around this idea and lifestyle.

Lastly, check out my shop for bespoke goods for your home and lifestyle.

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A    S L O W E R     M O R E     I N T E N T I O N A L     L I F E S T Y L E

What if a house was thoughtfully designed with loads of charm & style, yet prioritized functionality around a more connected & meaningful life with your loved ones?


A home that lifted you up at the end of a long day and allowed you to enjoy the things that matter to you most.