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brenham farmhouse
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O U R     H O M E S      A R E     C R E A T E D     T O     M A K E     M E M O R I E S

Each of our homes are designed to inspire a thriving lifestyle. One with more meaningful conversations on the back porch watching the sun set. Where you own a little piece of land to do as you please. One that allows you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, raising chickens or honey bees and even having a garden. Where you slow down on Sunday’s and enjoy a farm to table meal that you have cultivated yourself

with your family.


I think we could all agree that this would be a lifestyle of not just living, but thriving.


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I   A M   A  REALTOR®  &  D E S I G N E R

I design new construction homes that are life giving. Each home is intentionally designed around connection, hospitality, refuge and beauty. I believe that your home should be your retreat and I enjoy finding homes for clients that align with these same values. 

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A    S L O W E R     M O R E     I N T E N T I O N A L     L I F E S T Y L E

What if a house was thoughtfully designed with loads of charm & style, yet prioritized functionality around a more connected & meaningful life with your loved ones?


A home that lifted you up at the end of a long day and allowed you to enjoy the things that matter to you most.