Hey there, friend!

I'm Kelcie Anton, Real Estate professional and designer. It all started when my husband and I were burnt out by our high stress corporate jobs , the hustle and bustle of the city and our relentless over scheduled lifestyle.


We wanted a home that lifted us up at the end of a long day. One that we could escape to and pursue a life that was slower pace, allowed us to live more substantially and do the things we love most in this world.


 We decided that enough was enough, we refuse to just live, we want to thrive! So we moved to a piece of property and built our own modern farmhouse that allows us to make memories with our loved ones. We have a small piece of land with a view of rolling hills and enough space to plant our garden and raise chickens. We lead a much more satisfying life now with lower stress and time to sit and enjoy meals together.


And I'm on a mission to help others thrive too.

Although I graduated with an Economics degree from Texas A&M University, I found my true passion with designing homes. The experience of building our house ignited something good inside of me and when we were done, I just wanted more of it. 


As more and more people told me how much they would love to do the same but just didn't know when or where to start, I began putting plans together to build, design & sell homes where people could lead this lifestyle without having to do the leg work.

Now with my Real Estate license, I am on a constant search for properties where I can do just that for people like you!

R E A L T O R    &    D E S I G N E R