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Social Media, Fake or Well Curated ?

Is it just me or am I hearing more about how "Instagram is fake" ? I feel like all I hear is "lets be real, lets show our real, messy, everyday lives". There is so much I agree with and that I disagree with about this.

Although I agree that the perfectly curated photos can feel very fake, especially when someone says something like "oh forgive me for looking like a mess today" when clearly they put effort into putting on makeup and looking put together ( that I cannot stand for). For the rest of the beautiful content, I think you have to see it from a different light to appreciate what Instagram can provide you. And you also have to stop believing everything you see.

What I disagree most about it, is that there is so much judgement put on the masterminds behind the creative content and photos. Bashing them is bullshit.

I joined Instagram early on, I was one of the first of my friends and I enjoyed it because it was a sort of magazine like feeling. It's kind of a magazine of people's lives. It's fascinating if you think about it. Everyone has the opportunity to document and tell their stories. Where as Facebook was more of a "post anything and everything that you did, ugly or not". As a creative person, I appreciate the work that goes behind making things beautiful.

Of course it's not real. It's art, it's a creative outlet. It's just like abstract art, it can be processed two different ways. You can process it literally ex. "that title says its a bird, I don't see a bird" or to the next person who appreciated the art "oh this piece is beautiful, I can see the feathers here and the light and airy feel of this piece, it's beautiful". And on the whole "perfectionist" topic. There really are perfectionists out there. Some truly do keep their homes immaculate, or want to wear perfectly paired outfits and they have no desire to please someone or impress someone by doing this. They simply like living that way, and the world needs that. Just like the world needs the hot messes.

So here is my take away. If you see Instagram as the literal person, or if it makes you feel insecure about your life, how you live, how lack luster you life may seem. Then unfollow the influencers and imperatives that try to convince you of the perfect life. Keep your following down to the close friends that just want to share photos of the everyday. Maybe the bigger issue is assessing why these things make us feel negatively about ourselves. We are enough, we are doing the best we can and we should accept who we are.

Or you could open your mind, use Instagram as a source of information and inspiration and see it more like a personal magazine of peoples lives.

I like to keep the real, unfiltered, authentic lives for the lives we screen with those that are closest to us. The ones we can be vulnerable with. Because I don't know about you, but people have to earn my vulnerability, I have to know I can trust them and let them in. And keeping the in person connectivity is still sacred to me.

But what the world doesn't need is more hate. We can't hate on the people who want to post perfect photos, this will not make you feel better. This will not help your insecurities. You have to do your own work on healing yourself.

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