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Deeply Rooted - Deeper Conversations (Introduction)

If I am not mistaken, the majority of you are here to look at pretty home décor photos and content. But, I believe there are some of you that will perceive my vulnerability here well. I believe that we are all craving to dive a little bit deeper and have authentic conversations with those around us but don't know how. I know, that's the feeling I had for years!

So, I decided that I am opening up the floor, starting conversations that build on each other over time. These are not home design topics, they are life giving conversations that I want to chat about and you're invited to join me. Imagine it like going to your friends house, sitting around their table having tea with no judgment and enjoying one of those feel good conversations around life.

The purpose for me, is to build a life that I have longed for, don't get me wrong, I love my life. I do however feel that there could be more depth to it and a life of richness in connection, conversations and in growth.

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