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For 5 years now, I’ve set goals in January of the new year. I make myself sit down, with pen and paper, and really considered my current situation. I decide if there is room for improvement or if I just want to achieve certain things that are important to me. I write them down and occasionally, through the year I look back at them, but more than anything I store them in my head and think about the decisions I’m making during the year and if they are getting me to where I want to be. Each year since writing them down, I have achieved those goals. So you could say I completely believe in this method . With that I thought I would share some of my favorite goal setting articles, and programs that might help you too!

1.free article

A simple & free way to set goals is to read this article and jot down your goals for each category


2. Physical Workbook

I love Shanna Skidmore and I actually bought her blue print book this year. It’s so thorough and breaks down each step in detail.


3. Infographic / Worksheet

I found this on Pinterest and it actually resembles the first outline I ever did when I first started goal setting. If you’re new to goal setting it’s going to be easy to follow along


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