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Fun Fact: Did you know that Hubs and I did the whole tiny house living thing for 1 year and 3 months when we built our home? We legitimately lived in a 300 sqft metal shed that I liked to call our “cottage” because it sounded better in my mind. Our entire home was packed up and stored away and we lived with only the items we HAD to have. Let me tell you... LIFE SHOCK and HUGE life lesson.

Everyone told us we were going to test our marriage like crazy, that we would never be able to do it, that I liked clothes too much to be able to live with only a handful of clothes and shoes. We had 2 bowls, 2 plates, 4 glasses and the list goes on of only having the number of items we needed. And guess what, our marriage is only stronger and we’ve learned to live with less. But in all honesty, God works in mysterious ways because just 1 year before that journey, I came across The Minimalists.

Joshua and Ryan left their corporate jobs, got rid of most of their possessions and began a journey of happiness without all the “stuff” and “chaos” in life. It was a massive blessing to me because I already started to purge our things before we left Houston and the ultimate test of tiny house living made me commit to it. The honest truth is, the first few months was fun. THEN about 3 months in I was over it. When our home was built, I was over the moon to have a traditional home again. It was sort of like when you are starving and just want to binge eat because you’re so hungry. Except we held onto all of our possessions like they were gold and stored most of them away because we didn’t use them.

Now, 2 years later and I’ve grasped onto the minimalist lifestyle again. I have been donating items for months and yesterday I gather 8 more big boxes of stuff that was just sitting there for the “what if” day and it is the most cleansing feeling I could ever have to get rid of it.

People often come to my home and say “oh it’s simple, you don’t like things on your walls” or “you don’t have this kitchen gadget? Oh you need that”. And I always answer, “no, we live with what we need and use.” And guess what, we are happier people for it.

So as I purge things this weekend, I wanted to share The Minimalists with you! They changed my life and although I am far from a minimalist, I definitely love dabbling in it and making it a part of our lifestyle. I encourage everyone as we near the holidays to consider doing some donating as well.

A little over two years ago hubs and I sat out on a journey to find a more simple lifestyle and every year we get closer and closer to living a more slow and intentional life. And each year we truly do become happier people for it! Check out their website here

They also have a Netflix documentary now too!

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