Styling a Coffee Table

Step 1: Start with your largest pieces first. I took the glass house and placed that on the table first because it is the largest item and creates a focal point for my design. Using the house gave my coffee table a high level.

Now we need to fill in with the lower level items.

Step 2: Style your lower level items. Those are items like coffee table books and trays. Just like before we want to start with our largest items first.

I like using coffee table books because they ground our table down. They also provide some interest to the table.

You want to use trays as a containing element. As in something to contain all of the small items on the table.

Step 3: Incorporate small items that have interesting shape and texture. This could also be a good place to add in a pop of color. Take things like vintage glass, or wooden beads or small vases and even candles. When choosing these items, have fun with it. There is no rhyme or reason, its really just about choosing items you are drawn to.

Step 4: You need a natural element. I like using green plants in most of my designs because I like the simplicity of them. However, you can use anything that excites you such as flowers, seasonal foliage, grass or even pieces of drift wood.

Now you can play around with the groupings. I prefer groupings of 3 but you could easily do 5. And if you become bored with the look after a few months like I do, you can easily rearrange them and add in new elements to make it more stimulating.

Bonus Tip: If you have photos and games that you want to share with your guests, find some pretty boxes and stow them underneath the table. I like that they give the table more of a dynamic look while still serving a purpose.

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