The Holy Grail of Paint Colors

Ready for my all time favorite "greige" /neutral paint color?

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter !!! AKA "The Holy Grail of paint".

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Well besides the fact that it's a beautiful color!

- It is the perfect neutral color! It has a hint of taupe, a hint of grey and a hint of beige all in one.

- It is light enough to brighten a room, but pigmented enough to offer a bit of color.

- Unlike most grey colors that can feel very cold, Revere Pewter has enough of a warm tone to make a space feel cozy and inviting.

- It has enough color to hide stains on the wall.

- It pairs well with any color.

I personally, love it so much that I painted almost every room in my home this color and I don't regret a thing about it!

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