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Choosing Paint for Architecture Pieces

So many people fret about paint colors for their home, and rightfully so, it is a huge commitment! But I am going to help save your heartache and worry about painting with one simple rule.

Always choose a neutral color paint for architectural pieces.

Architectural pieces being:

- Walls

- Cabinets

- Doors

- Fireplaces

- Built in units

Amber Interiors

If you keep these components of your home neutral, you will never have to worry about repainting again! Not to mention, you can change decorations and styles out with ease.

I like fluctuating between taupe, grey and white for the walls and the cabinets of my home. This allows me to bring in color with pillows, rugs, vessels and other furniture. Since I am commitment phobic, it allows me to change up the design of a room and the style as often as I want without any significant undertaking of new projects such as repainting ( because BLAH who likes that? No one!)

Villetteadiren on Pinterest

This helps with resale value of your home as well! You may love a deep plum color and feel the need to paint and accent wall a bright color. But truth is, there will be very few people who agree with you on that. However, neutral colors are easy for everyone to like. The least amount of work you give the new owners, the sooner you will sell your home!

So find a love for neutrals and keep the pops of color to items that are easy to change out!

katemarkerinteriors captured by @stofferphotographyinteriors

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