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How one photo can inspire a full design

I always get the question, "How do you come up with these designs". The short answer is that I am inspired by EVERYTHING! Honestly, I can walk into a cafe and see one item that intrigues me and inspires a design. I can see a plant that makes me want to pull colors and textures in a space. I can feel a moment in time or a moment from past travels that makes me want to recreate that same feeling in a space. So pinpointing where the inspiration comes from every time is impossible.

However, I want to show you how I come up with a design based on one subject. For this particular post I was inspired by the wedding photo below. Here is a step by step guide on how I began a design based on one inspiring item (the photo).

1. Finding Inspo:

As I shared above, my inspiration comes from so many sources of everyday life and experiences. I came across this image on Wedding Sparrow. It was a serene seaside bridal editorial by @jeannidunagan and @nataliechoievents. I was inspired by the feeling it brought me, the colors, the textures and the style.

2. Begin the design planning:

From the inspiration, I begin taking the things I like out of it and begin planning the design. For example, from this image, I wanted to pull in the colors, the theme and the textures.

So I create a mood board to collect the components I like from it. As you can see from the mood board I put together below, I pulled in the colors, the textures that I want the space to have and the overall feeling I want the space to feel.

3. Execute the design:

These are images pulled from other designers, however they are precisely what I would envision for this space. They incorporate all of the colors, the textures and the overall feel of the mood board I made.

For example, kate marker interiors is one of my favorite designers. She incorporated the driftwood beams and white walls which gives you a feeling that you are already in a coastal setting. Then she brings in a pop of color with the door. Even though the door is the focal point of the room, it does not distract you from the over all coastal vibe because it is within the color palette.

kate marker interiors

And this image from Tell me more GBG, using colored glass vessels to bring in the colors from my mood board, which gives a subtle pop of color without being too distracting to the over all design. They use "coastal feeling" plants to make this room feel as if you are at the beach with out having a screaming piece of art work that is a beach picture. And lastly, incorporate an aged driftwood surface to make it feel like the furniture was pulled directly from the coast.

Tell me more GBG

Take Away

The key, is to find pieces that stay within the color palette of your design while still feeling like the overall style we are trying to achieve. You have to be very particular about the items and colors you put into your space. If you are buying just because you "like it", you will probably notice that your space feels more hodgepodge than well designed. So to achieve a well designed room, make sure you are being very intentional with what you fill your room with. And if all else fails, just go back to your mood board or your inspiration photo.

It's Simple:

New designs can be so easy to achieve, all it takes is a little planning and lots of hunting for the right pieces. My favorite way to incorporate new designs in through textiles that are easy to change out. For example, pillows, blankets and curtains are such an easy way to add in new colors or a new feeling without having to redo your entire space.

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