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My Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

I make this once a week when I soak in my claw foot tub and it makes me feel like I am at a spa! The entire recipe can be tweaked to fit your specific wants, but this will get you started!

Best enjoyed with a hot bath, reading a book and sipping on tea.

Coconut Honey and Ginger Body Scrub

2 tbsp Local Honey

1/2 C. Sugar

1/4 C. Organic Olive oil or coconut oil

1 large Pinch of Ginger

1 tbsp. Tea leaves (green tea or chamomile)

12 drops of Essential oil (I like Lavender, Eucalyptus & Rosemary but you can use any that you like!)

Mix it all together, and apply to damp skin. I love using it in the bathtub with some candles lit. But if I am limited on time, I will use it in the shower.

Don't forget to moisturize after words. The exfoliate will take off the dead skin, but you need to moisturize the new skin. I love using coconut oil.

Not only does it smell amazing, but it also works really well! I love making body care recipes and this has been my favorite combination yet! The honey and oil moisturize your skin, while the tea and sugar exfoliate.


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