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Lindsey + Patrick Modern Urban Wedding

Well I have a ton of love for these two! One, because Lindsey and I are from the same home town called Lockhart Texas. But also because they are both so darn awesome!

Lindsey is a doctor who works in downtown Houston, she is so incredibly busy and I am just so impressed by her ability to plan a wedding while saving lives!

Patrick is a project manager for a large construction firm in Houston putting up large high rise buildings and is equally as busy! I was blown away by his involvement with the wedding!

A little back story about Lindsey and I, since growing up in the same town we knew all the same people, and we just get each other. But I had the honor of not only being a part of her wedding but also her little sister Brittany's wedding! It really does speak measures when you are hired for two of the daughters weddings!

Their family is basically my family now and I just ADORE Lindsey's parents! They are the sweetest and funniest little couple you have ever met!

Want to know more about the design and wedding?

Patrick and Lindsey met in down town Houston. It was important for them to get married in the same place their romance started! So, they found the perfect space to get married, which is The Grove. If you have ever been to The Grove you know that they are in the middle of the city with grand windows that overlook the sky line.

Lindsey wanted the wedding to be very simple and sleek. We designed the wedding with the venue in mind (which is SO important). The venue has large windows, a very modern loft feel and is absolutely stunning. So there wasn't much decor needed. Plus with the views of the city, we only wanted some bursts of flowers to brighten up the room.

Luxury linens were also a big part of the design since the wedding guests would touch and feel this part of the wedding.

The rest of the night was spent dancing, getting hyped about the music and celebrating the love of these two getting married!

I am beyond honored to have been able to design and day of coordinate their wedding. Lindsey and Patric, I am sure I will see you at the next big function in Lockhart but I just want to wish you the best with your marriage and with the adventure of life because you are already on a head start with finding love!

Vendor Love:

Venue: The Grove , Florist: Petal Society , Linens: House of Hough , Photographer: Adam Nyholt

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