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Chairs Make All the Difference

With my wedding designs, I am very particular about chairs. You can take a great table design or beautiful flowers, but if they aren't complemented by stylish chairs, you achieve nothing but another basic design. The wood folding chairs that you see in so many weddings are practical and overall, much nicer to look at than metal folding chairs. However, if you are looking for a stylish wedding design, you can go above the average wedding just by changing up the chairs.

Here are my top favorites for weddings and where you can find them in Texas!

1. French Country | Provence Linen Chair

My all time favorite chair, fresh out of the French countryside. Style and ultimate comfort in one.

Can be rented from Swift Events

2. Woven Chairs

I like that these give you the look of the natural wood but offer a more interesting texture that captures your eye.

Can be rented from Swift Events

3. Ghost | Acrylic Chairs

Ghost chairs can be so versatile! I love that you can pop them in for a more modern look or you can use them when you want your table to speak louder than the chairs. Ghost chairs are a great, non-threatening choice.

Can be rented from Avalon or Peerless

4. White Modern

If you are looking for clean, modern chairs, these are the ultimate choice. I can see them in a white studio setting venue.

Can be rented from Swift Events

5. Rattan Arm Chair

These modern Rattan chairs offer a bit more of a tribal or bohemian vibe to any event. I love that they are stylish but also lend a casual feel.

Can be rented from Loot Vintage

6. Tolix Chair

You can't go wrong with these chairs for any farmhouse style or industrial style wedding. You can easily pair these with farm tables or traditional linen covered tables.

Can be rented from Loot Vintage

So there you have it, my top favorite chairs to rent for weddings at the moment. Let's make this look happen together for your big day!

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