Lisa & Robby's Southern Catholic Wedding

Lisa and Robby were one of my 2017 couples. They were a DREAM to work with. They were a perfect team together and made my job so simple. Lisa is the type of gal who always has herself together. Her nails are manicured, her clothes are pressed, her hair is always in the right place. And Robby is her sounding board, he gives her advice on what they should do, he was the one to make a decision when no one else could, he was also really great at managing tasks. Over all, I loved them the most because of their team work! And to me, that is what 80% of a wedding is about, Teamwork!

They are both from a tight knit, Catholic family. So they got married in a traditional Catholic Church in Cypress TX which has the most beautiful stained glass wall in the Cathedral. We chose navy, blush, peach and green as their wedding colors. I think my favorite part of the ceremony was that they incorporated the grand march! Lisa and Robby, thank you so much for hiring me to be a part of your day!

P.S. This was captured by one of my favorite vendors turned friend, Kati Hewitt

Vendor Love

Photographer: Kati Hewitt Photography

Design: Kelcie Anton Design

Venue: Christ Redeemer Catholic Church

Flowers: The Petal Society

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