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Kelsey + Matt Industrial Romance Wedding

Kelsey and Matt got married in Houston at the Station 3 Venue which I immediately fell in love with. It has the industrial, loft feel mixed with soft elements such as the floor to ceiling ivory drapes.

A little about how Kelsey and I met! I had put out an inquiry about needing an assistant to help with setting up and styling weddings. Kelsey responded, we met up for coffee and the rest is history. She has been helping me with weddings ever since. We connected on many personal levels which was SO nice!

When she asked me to help her design her wedding, I felt so honored! And of course, the design is where my heart is happiest!

Prior to the wedding, I asked her if I would need to bring in help to set up for her big day. She told me "No, I have a ton of family that would like to help with setting up". Since, she worked with me on big weddings before, I knew she understood what expectations I had and how much time and help we needed to make a wedding perfect. Not going to lie, I always get a little nervous when people say this, but I trusted that she had plenty of capable people to help.

The day of her wedding, I was SO pleasantly surprised when meeting the women of her family that were brought to help. They were all so kind and vibrant, they wanted to help but also allowed me to be in control and tell them what needed to be done. I think I laughed more during this set up then I ever had at a wedding! It was so REFRESHING! Those gals ROCKED the set up and I was so grateful for them!

Then I met her Dad and I felt as if I had known him a lifetime. He was so warm and welcoming, but I think my favorite thing about him was how important it was to make his daughter's day perfect. He discussed every detail with me to try to find the best solution and made sure everything looked perfect. He thanked me so many times, and I felt so happy inside that I made him happy. Because I knew if I made him happy, that Kelsey and Matt would be happy too!

With the help of her family we were set up with an hour to spare and before I left, I was able to see Kelsey all dressed in her wedding gown and in full makeup. It was such a special moment to see her as a bride, since she has been on the other end of that for as long as I have know her when she is helping me set up!

We had a bug hug, she thanked me for it all and I could see the sparkle in her eye that she was so happy with the wedding day.

Congratulations Kelsey & Matt! I am so thrilled to have been a part of your big day!

Want to know about the design?

In the initial phases of planning her wedding, we were discussing colors. Kelsey has this GORGEOUS auburn colored hair and I just knew we HAD to have that color mixed in. Kelsey was drawn to that dusty blue color and those colors just happen to complement each other perfectly in Color Theory. So there we had it, a rust and a dusty blue were her primary wedding colors.

The rust color complemented the brick in the venue and it is always important to me to be able to bring in the space into the design.

Since there was so much brick in the venue, we decided to break it up by adding in an installation with crawling greenery. Tamara Meneges and Kelsey decided on the gold framed back drop which paired PERFECTLY with the setting of the venue.

The tables were also laid with greenery, ivory linens and candles. To add a pop of color we added in the dusty blue in the form of the napkins.

Although I left before I could see the full evening commence, I know it was an amazing night!

Vendor Love

Photographer: Erika Aileen Photography

Design: Kelcie Anton Garnished Event

Venue: Station 3 Houston

Cake: Get Caked Houston

Flowers: Tamara Menges Designs

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