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Erina + Daniel's Destination Wedding

Erina and Daniel! They were one of 2017 couples and I adored them. Erina is so kind and always laughing. Daniel is jovial and always making light of a situation! They make such a fun couple. This was my first "destination" wedding. Erina is originally from Japan and Daniel is originally from Germany. They are both flight attendants by work and every time we met up, I would dive into where they last traveled and what it was like. I love living vicariously through their travels.

When it came to their wedding, I had pretty much free reign with everything! This was a DREAM couple for me because they trusted every decision that I suggested. It was a simple wedding here in Texas with a shabby chic feel to it. We chose colors that fit well with the esthetics of the venue which was The Prairie in Round Top TX.

Thank you so much for hiring me, Erina and Daniel!

Lastly, this wedding was captured by a dear vendor friend of mine Ellen with Who is Leading E Photography

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