My Favorites: Exterior of Homes

Y'all know my obsession with architecture! I am fascinated by structures, shapes and textures of homes. So I decided to put together a list of my favorite exteriors for homes at this moment. My poor hubs already knows that I am dreaming up our next home to build, so might as well start dreaming up the outside, am I right?!?!

1. Stone with siding

This is my all time favorite exterior home style at the moment! It's the perfect Modern farmhouse meets a European feel. The white washed brick accent is so warm and welcoming!

Designed by: Ryan Smith Builders

2. High Pitched Roofs

This high pitched roof, potting shed reminds me of Scandinavian architecture (another favorite!). I am madly in love with high pitched roofs with very simple rectangular base homes.

Found here

3. Dark Exterior Paint

Dark exteriors are so attractive to me lately. I am especially in love with the exterior colors of Black, Deep Navy Blue and Slate Grey. This would be a fun addition to a home, you could do a black potting shed in the back of your white painted home to add some contrast and a modern feel.

Designed by INAMATT

4. The Use of Glass as Walls & Doors

I love the transition between real walls and walls made of glass. Take the image above for example, they used glass as a transition between the main house and the master suite. It is also a door way to the front and back of the home.

Designed by Olsen Studio

5. Modern Farmhouse

How could I NOT post a modern farmhouse, since we built one that we absolutely adore! But instead of plugging our farmhouse in, I decided to post one that I equally love.

Designed by Olsen Studio

6. Warm Garage Doors

Instead of a dreaded, metal garage door, why not give your garage doors a face lift with a bit of warm stained wood. I love how it offers a bit of color and the "wow" factor without having to use bold colors that may go out of style. In fact, stay tuned, because we just built a barn with MASSIVE wood barn doors that I will reveal this year!

Designed by Brandon architects

These are a few of my favorite exteriors at the moment! Which one is your fav ? Hop on over to my Instagram page and let me know in the comments!

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