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My Re-brand to Kelcie Anton Design

I am having an extra latte today, what an exciting day! Not only is it the first day of the new year, but I have officially launched my new brand, Kelcie Anton Design.

Let's jump right into what my new brand offers and then I will share a little more about how and why the change came to fruition.

New Business Name:

I decided to use Kelcie Anton Design after chatting with past clients this year. I asked them what their favorite part of the experience was and they all gave me similar answers. It was me! I was what made their experience so enjoyable. Apparently they liked that I conversed with them like a long time friend. They liked that I gave them honest advice. They liked that I pushed them to think outside of the box with their designs. They liked that I handled all of the stressful situations with grace and kept calm. This entire time of being in business, I was hiding behind a brand name "Garnished Event" but the truth was, my clients hired me because they like who I am!

In 2017, I discovered who I was and I found my voice. I not longer need to hide behind a business name that "sounded cute." I am proud to say "I am the brand". My personality, my style, my work ethic. All of these things are the reason people hire me and allow me to do what I love.

My title: Creative Director

I really dislike the term "title" but to better communicate, I will use it this one time. I have always planned to be a "Creative Director". It was just a matter of experience and timing that would allow me to pursue that. In the beginning, I needed to find my voice and my style. Now that I have identified that, I can begin to define that with my upcoming projects! I now have clients that hire me for my particular style rather than my low prices. With this new brand, I am taking the time to truly...Design. And not just design anything, I am creating things that inspire and excite me.

New Services:

Home Design!!!

Cue the confetti, a dream come true! This is something that has always been an interest for me, but I was always hesitant about pursing it because I wanted to get it right! I wanted people to understand and see why they should hire me for home design. After designing and building our modern farmhouse this year, I knew this was something I could not suppress any longer.

I fell in love with designing a floor plan, than reworking it a million times to find just the right fit. I loved picking out the textures on the walls, I loved hand selecting and purchasing all of the hardware, fixtures and paint. I loved filling the home with pieces that spoke to our style and to our life.

The entire process was such and exciting experience. But I realized, many people struggle with building homes and are confused when it comes to decorating it.

It wasn't until I began getting inquires about people wanting me to help design their rooms and dwellings that I had the courage to say " I can be a home designer".

So here is the, "Why":

Trusting The Plan

Can I let you in on a little secret? This has been my plan the entire time!

It may have seemed like all I ever wanted to design were weddings but the truth is, I have always known that some day I would be designing homes. It was just a matter of timing and experience. The Good Lord has pushed me to take the leap of faith once again, just like he pushed me to jump from my corporate job to pursue my creative business full time. I trusted Him and His plan wholeheartedly and guess what...I succeeded. So now I feel the push again, and I am trusting His path for me.

Finding my ideal client

Two years ago, I pursued this journey as more of a side hobby, it quickly turned into a business and once I booked my first "real" clients, I went after it full time. Here is the thing when you first start out in business. You try to take EVERY work venture that comes your way. Which is great in theory because you learn a ton, you get your name out there and you find your hustle.

Here is the downside, you lose your voice and feel burnt out.

I was trying to appease EVERYONE and in doing that I wasn't pleasing myself. I wasn't putting out work that was truly representative of me. I was getting lost in what my brand was and what MY style actually was. I knew I had to change something, otherwise I would be so burnt out that I would leave this passion of mine behind before I ever truly gave it a fair chance.

So, now we are here. Where I am very sure of who I am, what my style is and who I want to work with. I choose which projects I work on, who my clients are and I am fully saturated in every design I do.

I have now become a true CREATIVE DIRECTOR! Life is good y'all! Thank you so much for the support and encouragement. I am so excited to see where this venture leads. I can't do it without you!

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