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Success: Are you Climbing, Building or Jumping?

So I discovered Vanessa Van Edwards about a month ago. I started listening to her audio books and they are incredible. I highly suggest them as one of my top reads.

For those of you that are in the "climb" of your business, just starting out like me and trying to truly understand your niche, this will help you tremendously.

For those high neurotics out there, that are always worrying about things, this will most likely make you say " My gracious.... someone finally gets me!"

I am not a high neurotic, however I can connect to some of my closest friends being high neurotics and this was so good for me to hear and understand. I never understood why they get so worked up over small things, why they can't calm down easily, why they stew on situations or conversations so long, why they constantly question if people don't like them.

I never understood why, when I told them " who gives a shit what people think, you do you!" that they couldn't connect with that. But now, it all makes sense!

Her video talk is so eye opening, it's a must watch for everyone!

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