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What is a "Fine Art Style" Wedding?

What is this new "Fine Art Style" Wedding? Many people are confused by it and I get this question all the time. But funny enough, it has been around for quite some time in the early adapter states such as California, Oregon, Utah & Nashville. Now it is time for Texas brides to understand and fall in love with this style! Fine art style is both classic and traditional. It is beautiful and well thought out. Fine art style is about designing more around nature and organic materials. It is sophisticated yet modern. It is ethereal and above all intentional. This is for a couple that truly appreciates well curated events that have high style, are nature inspired and have an artistic vision. The best way I know how to describe it is through phrases and imagery. Maybe once you have read and seen the images below, you too can connect to these and define your specific style. You're either going to love it or hate it LOL and we LOOOOOOOVE it!!!

Intentional: This is not your standard everyday wedding design. Fine art weddings are well thought out and planned to feel like every single aspect of your wedding flows well and was meant to be exactly where it lays. When designing a fine art wedding, we are using Color Theory, hand selecting furniture that fits the look, fine linens and hand dyed styling textiles. We are choosing the perfect color of candles, unique foliage and flowers not commonly found in the area. We are using beautiful paper goods with calligraphy and wax seals. Location will also be key. You are going to find a gorgeous location with a stylish venue that has beautiful architecture! In other words, everything that is in your wedding is a well thought out piece of art. It feels and looks high end. Everything is beautiful and very creatively assembled.

Usually Photographed in film: Film? As in old school camera film my parents used to use to capture my baby photos? YES! The only difference is that they process it in a more modern way. You know those gorgeous pastel looking photos that look like they are out of a story book? That is most likely film! Film is not the over exposed photos, the super contrasted photos, the vibrant colored photos. Film is soft, elegant and dreamy. Just a year ago, I had no clue what film was! Until I started working with film photographers and started researching it! It is such a beautiful and well thought out process of capturing moments. Perfect for fine art weddings and now MY favorite form of photography.

Simple & Organic: Fine art weddings are simplistic and sophisticated. You aren't going to see tons of flashy decor, instead you will see more pastel colors and components that look as if they were derived from the Earth... mostly because they did. This is what we mean by the word "Organic". We are incorporating organic pieces such as foliage and beautiful plants, stone and clay vessels, silk and linen textiles, lots of natural surfaces such as stone, brick, wood & marble.

Soft & Romantic: With fine art weddings, you aren't going to see super flashy colors. They tend to lean more towards neutral color palettes. Soft pastels and natural colors are key. They also have a romantic feel. They are going to have more feminine flowers and flowing fabrics. They do have masculine features such as stone and metals but overall the feeling is very romantic.

High fashion & artistic: Most couples that are drawn to the fine art style will most likely also appreciate art and fashion. You may not be artistic and fashionable but you see the beauty in fashion editorials and art work.

SO, it this still not making sense to you? Totally fine, maybe you will get the idea when you see it visually. So here are some examples of what fine art weddings look like. I put together some mood boards for you to see everything put together.


If this is your jam, then you are our kind of people! We want to work with you!

We have done all the leg work of searching and honing in on the fine art style. Our Pinterest boards are constantly growing and refining. Take a look at what we have gathered so far! Tell us what you are looking for and we will seek it for you.

Looking for help with your wedding? Maybe you aren't sure how to put it all together but you know you like this style. You are our ideal bride and we can't wait to chat with you! We have packages that start as low as $400 which will allow you to have a design plan customized to your wedding.

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