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Motivating Podcasts for Lady Entrepreneurs

As I have shared before, I am pretty obsessed with self improvement and wanting to educate myself in success. Not just success with my business but also in myself as a person. However, I find when I pick up a book to read, I feel that my mind is racing with things that I could be doing instead. So I find that audio books, webinars and Podcast's are the best for me because it allows me to multi-task.

With that, I know a few of you have voiced your own interest in self-help books so I wanted to share by top favorite Podcasts that I can easily listen to when driving to client meetings and while walking my dog. I hope you find one that inspires you too! These are not in order of my favorite, just listed them randomly!

Day dream Achievers: Hosted by Jessica Rodriguez This is more geared toward lady entrepreneurs that are looking to run a business on the side of their full time jobs or ones that are first starting out in their business. I love it because Jessica gets real about the daily struggles and helpful tips to getting through them. She shares all sorts of business tips for small business owners that I find to be extremely true when I was first starting out and that I still learn and grow from in the position my business is today. One of my favorite take away tips, her 20 minute sprints. I wish I discovered this YEARS ago y'all!

Goal Digger: Hosted by Jenna Kutcher, I feel like this one is directed to women that are already in the grind of their business and in between that point of "I am just starting out, what the hell do I do?" and the "Wow I have made it, I have umpteen thousand followers". This is for the lady entrepreneur that is doing well in her business, busting her butt to continue to grown and is needing some motivation and a community to feel like she is enough. I enjoy Jenna because she is a story teller and coach, She really helps others feel that she is a gal pal that understands where you are and know that we all go through these crazy times.

Office Talk with Annette Stepanian: For all of your entrepreneurs that need a little help in the legal department, the financial side and the other (in my opinion boring parts of my job, sorry Annette!) this is the podcast for you! I found Annette when trying to find contracts geared towards creatives. Annette provides simple, straight forward advice and templates for all of your legal needs. I learn something every time I listen to her podcast or read her Newsletters!

Creative Empire: Hosted by Reina and Christina is interesting because the interview successful creative entrepreneurs and ask them every day questions such as "what do you wish you new starting out that you know now?". It is so incredible to see that other entrepreneurs get the same feeling of success and failure on the daily!

The Corporate Creatives: Hosted by Natalie Le, I mean read the title and it will explain. Natalie is amazing at connecting with the creative that is or once was stuck in the corporate world and wants to bust out of it, but is sca

red to death of not being able to make your bills each month or afraid people will judge you if you leap to pursue your dream (that was me!). This gal wanted to be in fashion but instead chose to go for law school. She got burnt out with the corporate grind and decided to break free of it. Now she interviews creatives that took the leap from Corporate to pursue their dreams and it is life changing! I can SO connect with all of these!!!

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