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A   K I N D N E S S   F I L L E D   L I F E

Friends in Nature

H E Y ,  W E L C O M E !

You're probably here because you received a card for the random act of kindness or saw one of the sentiments we leave around and got curious?  

I want to welcome you to this space. I'm Kelcie, I started this after I had my first born child and was seeking more to life. Ever had that moment? A moment of thinking " We weren't just put here on Earth to go to work and provide a certain lifestyle for our family". Or maybe you had a moment like I did where you know there is a deeper connection in life just waiting to be awakened? That's what brought me here, and I am certain that we were put in touch for a reason. 


H O W   I T   S T A R T E D

I decided to start digging deeper into my life and seeing what could make my life more fulfilling? I read countless books, listened to Oprah's Super Soul Conversations, listened to podcasts and sermons and took a lot of long walks to collect my thoughts as to what I might need to do in my life to make my short lifetime here meaningful. I heard a quote once "Every moment, because it passed in front of you, you interacted in a way that when it went on its way. it was higher than before it passed before you". It was so powerful to me, that I decided to live a life that reflected that. 

It hasn't happened over night, I haven't mastered it yet, but I do know that I am working towards a better version of myself. Connecting with my soul and trying to make a difference while I am here. Trying to be a good example for my children. Even if it's the smallest of smiles to make someone's day a little brighter when I pass them by, I am choosing to make this life a little better than I found it. As I continue on my soul awakening journey, I am sending out encouragement to others to begin their own journey too. 

W H A T ' S   T H E    P O I N T

All I ask if you received a card or favor is to extend that favor or something similar to someone else. And if you're here because you found a note that inspired you, I encourage you to take a deeper look at the life around you, connect to it, make it better, help others, be kind and make a mark. Life is so very short, we only have this one chance. 

E X P L O R E    M O R E . . .  

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